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As of May 15, 2022, the AngelLink™ ABS portal is no longer available for customer ordering, billing, or linen management. The transition has been completed and all linen orders must be sent through the Emerald Order Form, email, or fax directly with your Emerald Facility Account Management Team.

Linen Helper is the Emerald Textiles Linen Management Solutions Software that provides customers a money-saving inventory management tool in tracking linen distribution throughout the facility, manage circulating inventories, view utilization reports, input stock counts, and much more. Customers will benefit from Emerald’s proven usage reduction program.

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  1. Place orders directly through your Emerald facility using the Emerald Linen Order Form, email, or fax. Our teams are here 24/7 to support you.
  2. Log in to Linen Helper by selecting your Emerald Facility link. Linen Helper is an available tool to help you manage inventories within your facility, analyze usage and customize reporting.
  3. Contact your Account Manager for Linen Helper access, in-person training or support.

Emerald Textiles uses Linen Management Software, the industry standard software, which provides detailed reporting to help manage ordering and consumption to ensure efficiency through proper linen management. Customers benefit from our proven usage reduction program.

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Emerald’s proprietary lost and found program. Currently this portal services San Diego, CA facility-affiliated partners. For additional Emerald location inquiries, please contact us using the Lost and Found Contact Form.