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Investments in Equipment and Innovation

At Emerald, we continually invest in the latest equipment, technology, and infrastructure systems that result in fewer manual processes, greater automation for uninterrupted laundry processing for our customers and produce the highest quality linen for patient satisfaction. It’s the Emerald Difference

  • Computerized systems, automated conveyors, stainless-steel surfaces, microbe resistance flooring
  • Investment in award-winning continuous batch washers, press, dryers, and steam garment finishers
  • Gravity-enabled overhead E-Tech rail systems that automate laundry bag transferring is all around better for hygienically clean linen, the environment, and our employees
  • High tech garment systems that move garments from steam to racks ready for our customers
  • Check our news page for our latest investments and updates.

Hygienically Clean Healthcare Certified

At Emerald, our clean linen processing is Hygienically Clean Healthcare certified. We are dedicated to quality assurance and best management practices to ensure the highest quality and safety for our customers, their patients, and our employees.

  • Hygienically Clean Healthcare Certifications adhere to all healthcare standards and policies
  • Ongoing inspections and microbiological testing for the highest quality assurance
  • Full compliance with all State, Federal and OSHA regulations 
  • Monitors complete textile processing cycle from handling and transporting to in-facility processing
  • Best Management practices and personal trainings
Emerald Textiles Linen Cart

Infection Prevention

Clean and compliant, Emerald Textiles was built to serve the healthcare market with acute patient care linen. Patients are often in their most vulnerable state when they come to you. Choose Emerald Textiles with the confidence that we provide superior quality linen that is super clean and doesn’t harbor deadly bacteria that can cause infection.

  • Destroy rate 99.9% of pathogens
  • Healthcare designed cleaning formula agents that destroy microorganisms, prevent bacteria, promote brighter whites
  • New revolutionary color safe chlorine-free stain removers to improve quality, longevity and reduce pH levels for environment
  • Highest standards in best management practices and physical linen inspections
  • Physical separation of soil processing to prevent cross contamination
  • Linen cart sterilization

Striving to Make a Conscious Environmental Impact

Emerald’s environmental mission is about making conscious strides forward to furthering our environmental impact through the exploration, development, and investment of new projects that aid in conserving water, energy, and thermal efficiencies that further our goal of conserving natural resources and reducing our carbon footprint.     

We are passionate about saving and do our part by investing in resource saving equipment, technologies, and partnering with material waste recovery programs that build cleaner communities. Through partnership with our healthcare facilities, we take the utmost care in our reusable linen products with aim to provide more reusable programs and reducing the need for disposables.   

We focus investments in:  

  • Continuous Batch Washers (CBWs) that are designed to save on water usage compared to washroom facilities.
  • Dryers and boiler replacements with models that provide more energy conscious results   
  • Water Recycling Systems, Wastewater Heat Recover Systems and Stack Economizers that save in natural gas by recycling our tempered water over boilers that create heat as a natural bioproduct without requiring additional energy.    
  • Gravity-Enabled E-Tech Rail Systems that are designed to use the natural gravity of the bags to help conserve energy as it transports the linen through our facility with added efficiency.
  • Replacing traditional fluorescent lighting with energy saving LED and motion sensors
  • Recycling generated waste materials in the form of plastic soiled linen bags, cardboard, pallets, and retired linen to keep pollutants out of landfills.

As we continue to strive for greater global impact, our key wins include:  

  • Recycling waste to reduce harmful environmental pollutants with an estimated 1,896 TONS of Plastic, Pallets, Cardboard and Paper materials a year. By not sending to landfills, we conserve an average of 189,600 cubic square feet a year in recycled materials which estimates to 2,500,000 pounds of soiled plastic that is recycled each year.
  • We conserve 371 million gallons of water a year by investing in water saving equipment that uses less water per pound, and through the installation of water recycling systems.
  • We conserve 466,000 kWh a year through our ongoing projects in converting commercial facility lighting into to LED lighting systems
  • San Diego’s processing facility was completely built from the ground up with the environment in mind. Emerald San Diego won the Savings by Design award and recognition from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and San Diego Gas & Electric as well as the local water authority for conserving approximately 160,000,000 gallons of water annually and nearly 200,000 therms of natural gas saved annually through the UltraPure system, as part of the San Diego facility environmental savings design.
  • In 2020, the Commerce facility was recognized by the Los Angeles County Sanitation District for converting waste into resources by reducing their amount of wastewater.
  • Turlock received the Wastewater Award and was named Facility of The Year in Northern California through the California Water Environmental Association.

We do our part to preserve natural resources by regularly investing in energy and water saving equipment so you can feel good about choosing Emerald Textiles. Our award-winning, environmentally-responsible processing facilities ensure that we are tough on dirty laundry but easy on the environment. Sometimes going green is as easy as switching linen suppliers.

  • Continuous Batch Washers, dryers, and boilers designed with increased savings in water and energy consumption compared to conventional washroom facilities
  • Gravity-enabled E-Tech rail designs that uses the natural gravity of the bags and design of the rail system to transport bags across the facility reducing on energy use and keeps our facility running without interruptions
  • Replacing traditional facility lighting with LED Lighting Systems
  • Installing Water Recycling systems, Wastewater Heat Recover systems and stack Economizers to save in natural gas thermal savings
  • Recycling plastic, paper, cardboard
  • San Diego’s processing facility won the Savings by Design award and recognition from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and San Diego Gas & Electric as well as the local water authority for conserving approximately 120,000,000 gallons of water and over 1,000,000 therms of natural gas annually.
  • Turlock received the Wastewater Award and was named Facility of The Year in Northern California through the California Water Environmental Association.