Customized Solutions

We’ll Help you Customize Your Linen Program

Emerald Textiles will work with you to find solution-oriented programs that best fit your needs. We offer a full suite of customized healthcare linen program solutions. Our experienced team will meet with you to understand your goals, design programs that achieve the best results, and increase patient satisfaction.

Staff Apparel and Uniform Program

Emerald Textiles provides a full set of individual, departmental or company wide uniforms and apparel designed to improve employee satisfaction and the image of an organization. Our uniform and staff apparel services are tailed to fit each team’s unique brand and image.

Customized Linen Packs

Customized Pack Program

We offer a customized pack program so customers can select high-quality service items that best address their needs. Together we work with teams to design birth and surgery packs that create efficiencies and streamline operations.

Full Service Linen Distribution Programs

Full-Service Linen Distribution Program

Emerald Textiles can help identify opportunities and design specific Linen Distribution programs tailored to meet your facility needs. We can create programs that provides linen room distribution staffing for your facility and free up linen distribution time with your staff.

Cart Exchange Programs

Emerald Textiles can design specific Cart Exchange programs tailored to meet specific facility needs. Housekeeping and other staffing can be an issue for linen distribution where we can design a program where we pre-pack carts specific to each of the departments in your facility.

Isolation Gown Rentals

We offer reusable isolation gown programs that provide you security of assurance supply, significant lower costs that disposable, and are the environmentally responsible choice. At Emerald, we aim to help facilities find reductions on medical waste by utilizing high quality, reusable, isolation gowns that provide the same barrier protection, air permeability, and fluid repellent finish for remarkable protection.

Direct Sales Items

Emerald Textiles can be your all-inclusive provider and offer direct sale of the items that facilities use in conjunction with your linen program.