Lost and Found

Emerald Textiles’ Proprietary Lost and Found Program

Emerald Textiles’ Lost and Found program has been extraordinarily successful and is a major source of customer satisfaction. Since beginning operations in late 2010, we have returned over 500 pieces of lost medical equipment at a value in excess of $1,500,000 and more than 1,200 personal items belonging to patients. Some examples of items returned to patients include cell phones, valuable jewelry, electronics, personal identification and cash as well as priceless teddy bears and children’s blankets. We attribute the success of our Lost and Found program to the design of our facility’s soil sort as well as Emerald Textiles’ unique system in place to return property to the rightful owner. That program includes a project manager, a rewards plan for employees and a proprietary Lost and Found Portal available to our customers through unique login.

Numerous letters and cards have been received from hospitals and patients thanking us for the prompt and safe return of their lost items. We are pleased with the success of this program and our ability to return everything from a hospital’s expensive telemetry equipment to a child’s cherished teddy bear.

This portal currently serves Emerald San Diego facility-affiliated partners. For all additional location inquiries, please contact us using the Lost and Found Contact Form.



Emerald Textiles’ Proprietary Lost and Found Program