Healthcare Linen and Hospital Laundry Service in Southern California

Emerald Textiles provides the highest quality healthcare linen and hospital laundry services in Southern California. We specialize in acute healthcare servicing the major hospitals, medical and surgery centers, specialty outpatient offices, and clinics across Southern California including San Diego, Riverside, Orange County, and the greater Los Angeles area in California. At Emerald, our mission is to provide high quality healthcare linen products and trusted services helping our customers achieve what matters most: affordable and quality patient care.

Our well-managed linen program specializes in healthcare’s most critically sensitive needs and provides the highest patient safety, superior cleanliness, and greatest peace of mind.

Delivering High Quality Products for Your Patient Care

Choose comfort, flexibility, durability, and safety with healthcare apparel patient gowns, robes, maternity, pediatric, medical staff apparel, scrubs, warm up jackets, lab coats, and reusable isolation gowns. Receive patient in-room linen care with hospital bedding, sheets, bath, clothing protectors and more, along with environmental services products with hygienically clean certified microfiber, dust control and dietary products.

Emerald Textiles Patient Linen

Emerald Services, Customized Solutions, and Support

We offer a full suite of healthcare linen solutions to meet every hospital departmental need including cart exchange programs, staffing for linen room distribution, customized surgical and department packs, and direct sale of personalized and embroidered lab coats.    

We’re here to provide you with a seamless, fully customizable healthcare linen service program either through our healthcare linen rental program or through the customer owned linen and goods laundry service.

You’ll also benefit from our highly experienced account management team to provide on-site reporting, money-saving tools, scorecards, and assurance of supply.

Our Customers Are Our Highest Priority

With our experienced team, 24/7 customer care, complete and on-time deliveries, focused on utilization and savings for our customers, we deliver unwavering service to our customers.  

At Emerald, we continually invest in technologies and equipment across our commercial health care laundry processing facilities. Our investments allow not only for fewer manual processes and greater automation with computerized systems, , but also ensure quality assurance that deliver the cleanest, brightest whites, and highest patient safety and satisfaction. Our Emerald facilities in Southern California are Hygienically Clean Certified and fully compliant with all State, Federal and OSHA regulations. Visit any of our facilities in San Diego, Los Angeles, Pomona, Colton, and Orange for tour as we span across the Southern California healthcare market.

Preserving California Resources Is At Our Core

Delivering safe, resourcing saving experiences by going with reusable linen commercial healthcare linen service company helps to lessen the burden on the environment and your healthcare employees. Providing the utmost safety and comfort for our customers and their patients is our number one goal. Emerald’s ongoing mission is to continually make conscious strides toward furthering our linen responsibility by taking active steps in sourcing water conserving equipment, investing in water recycling systems and wastewater heat recover systems, exploring energy and thermal efficiency projects, and partnering with material waste recovery and recycling programs to building cleaner communities.

Learn more about our environmental mission here.

The Emerald Difference – Come Take a Tour with Us

San Diego, California Healthcare Linen and Hospital Laundry Processing Facility

Everything about our Emerald San Diego Healthcare Linen and Hospital Laundry Processing Facility was designed with the environment in mind. Utilizing the latest technology, re-use principles and energy efficiencies, Emerald won the Savings by Design award from the California Public Utilities Commission and San Diego Gas & Electric for our San Diego facility design featuring energy saving devices throughout. From our award-winning Kannegiesser and Pellerin Milnor continuous batch washers, to our press, dryers, and boilers, we save tremendous amounts of natural gas every day. Our UltraPure® System was designed to produce high quality recycled water that reclaims 73% of our wastewater recycled back into the water system we use here at Emerald San Diego. This highly advanced system also reclaims 78% of the wastewater heat which in turn saves 195,000 therms of natural gas a year from not having to reheat newly pumped in city water.  Today, our San Diego processing facility conserves nearly 160,000,000 gallons of water annually with smarter equipment compared to conventional washroom facilities.

Los Angeles, California Healthcare Linen and Hospital Laundry Processing Facility

Focused on energy efficiency and demand, Emerald Los Angeles has completed several investment projects with upgrades including new custom built tunnel washer, gas dryers, automated Renco bagger system, new boiler, extended conveyor, and current installment of the E-tech rail system providing higher throughput in automation transfer in both the soil and clean sides of the facility.

In 2020, the Los Angeles facility was recognized by the Los Angeles County Sanitation District for converting waste into resources by reducing the amount of wastewater. Los Angeles has also completed a full LED lighting system.

Emerald Textiles Facility

Pomona, Orange, and Colton California Healthcare Linen and Hospital Laundry Processing Facilities

Emerald Pomona in California offers a unique set up as the specialized healthcare garment processing facility focused on healthcare garments and apparel, including nursing and medical staffing scrubs and lab coats, that support the Los Angeles healthcare market with our surrounding Emerald commercial linen processing facilities and service centers in Los Angeles, Orange, Colton, Pomona, and Riverside.  Together we provide unmatched contingency across Southern California supported by Emerald’s highly experienced, expert teams. Our promise to you is greater value, cost savings, and the highest levels of cleanliness.

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