Healthcare Linen and Hospital Laundry Service Provider in Northern California

Emerald Textiles is committed to the highest level of quality healthcare linen products and hospital/medical laundry services for our customers in Northern California. We specialize in acute healthcare and service hospitals, medical and surgery centers, specialty outpatient offices, and clinics across Northern California. Emerald services the market through our large commercial processing facilities and service centers located in Livingston, Turlock, Sacramento, Livermore, and Fresno in California. We offer unmatched contingency planning as the largest acute care linen service provider in the Western United States. At Emerald, our mission is to provide high quality products and trusted services helping our customers achieve what matters most: affordable and quality patient care.

Emerald Textiles is the largest acute care linen service provider with twelve state-of-the-art commercial linen processing facilities, three service depots, and industry leading operations across the West.

Healthcare Linen Service and Customized Solutions in Northern California

Emerald Textiles provides money saving healthcare linen management with experienced account managers that will work to save you money on healthcare linen usage, staffing, excess waste, assurance of supply, and product education on best practices with proactive account management.

Emerald provides seamless, fully customizable healthcare linen service through our fully owned linen rental program and customer owned goods laundry service program.

We offer a full suite of healthcare linen solutions that can be customized programs to meet your facility’s department needs. Program solutions can include customized surgical or specialty packs, Emerald staffing for linen room distribution, cart exchange programs, and facility owned embroidered lab coats and scrub wear.

Delivering Comfort, Safety, and Healthcare-Approved Linen for Your Patient Care

Emerald offers a full complement of hospital-approved medical scrubs, acute care patient garments and hospital staff and hospitality uniforms with our full-service rental. All designed for comfort, safety, and savings for your facility.

Receive a full assortment of environmental services products with dust control, dietary and microfiber products. We’ll help you build customized packs for each of your department’s most critical needs. Our healthcare linen rental service includes a full assortment of patient in-room care from hospital bedding and patient bedding, bath linen, patient safety with positioners, incontinence pads to thermal blankets. Our nursing and medical staff uniforms offer the highest quality, protection, comfort, and safety with our healthcare selection of scrubs shirts and pants, isolation gowns, surgical gowns, lab coats and warm up jackets.

Emerald Textiles Patient Linen

Our Highest Priority Is Our Customers

We know that managing linen levels across a facility is time consuming and can take away from critical patient care. Emerald provides expert linen care through our commercial processing, experienced account management and focus on saving you costs through linen management best practices that will bring you a greater peace of mind.

We are committed to customer satisfaction and reinvesting in our facilities, products, service, equipment, technologies, and our people to ensure the highest levels of quality, service, and communication for our customers. Our quality control teams conduct expert monitoring during all phases of the laundry processing, folding, packaging, and delivery. Emerald provides complete, on-time deliveries, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you’re ready to take the guess work out of linen ordering, contact us and we’ll help to create a service that best meets all of your facility goals.

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Unmatched Contingency across Northern and Central California

Emerald’s healthcare linen processing facilities have a wide span of service coverage in Northern California that, like all of our Emerald markets, have an unmatched contingency planning with the ability to withstand high market demand and unforeseen emergency surges with hospital linen and hospital laundry serviced products to ensure you are fully covered. Our processing facilities and service centers are in Livingston, Turlock, and Fresno along with two Service Centers in Sacramento and Livermore.

The newest and most modernized Emerald Textiles facility in Livingston, California was built in 2019 with the most advanced, high-tech equipment, state-of-the-art continual batch washer tunnels, ETECH automated rail systems, and California approved water reclamation systems. Livingston is just one of the many Emerald facilities that deliver highly efficient linen processing with large capacities that support the northern California healthcare market by servicing high quality medical linen and patient room care, hospital garments and apparel, and environmental services dietary and microfiber products. Check out our timelapse video of Livinston to see this facility from start to finish as the second largest Emerald Textiles processing facility in California.

Emerald Textiles Northern California

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