Expansion increases footprint to 111,000 square feet and makes room for additional equipment.

SAN DIEGO, CA – March 30, 2017 – Emerald Textiles®, Southern California’s environmentally responsible commercial healthcare laundry, announced it has expanded, increasing the footprint to 111,000 square feet. This represents 45,000 square feet of growth in total plant size and provides space for additional equipment and processing capacity in response to increasing demand for the company’s services. Along with significant square footage growth, Emerald has invested in additional washing equipment, expanded rail systems, folders and ironers as well as doubling the size of its garment processing system.

“We are very pleased with the growing enthusiasm for Emerald’s services and believe it is a result of our commitment to our customers, employees and the communities we serve,” said Chief Executive Officer of Emerald Textiles Tom Gildred.  “By making ongoing investments, we maintain our plant at the highest levels of cleanliness and technology and eliminate the need for sudden large investments in an attempt to refurbish a plant that has become run down and unsanitary. Healthcare networks rely on us to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases, and we continually make the right investments to ensure the cleanliness of Emerald’s facilities and linen.”

Guided by the mantra Clean Matters®, Emerald Textiles operates the most technologically-advanced and environmentally responsible commercial laundry facilities in the United States and saves an estimated 120,000,000 gallons of water and more than 750,000 therms of natural gas annually.

About Emerald Textiles

Emerald Textiles provides the most environmentally responsible, high quality, linen rental and management solution for the Southern California healthcare industry. Emerald’s two facilities are located in the greater Los Angeles and San Diego areas and serve hospitals throughout Southern California and across the eastern corridor to Palm Desert. Emerald utilizes the most advanced technology and provides a higher standard of cleanliness, industry compliance and customer satisfaction.

For more information about Emerald Textiles and its services, please visit EmeraldUS.com

Contact: Lisa Kendall, (858) 414-5855