Egbert Dugall

San Diego, CA, March 9, 2022 – Emerald Textiles (“Emerald” or the “Company”), a portfolio company of Los Angeles-based private investment firm Pacific Avenue Capital Partners, LLC (“Pacific Avenue”), announces the promotion of Egbert Dugall as the new Vice President of Customer Experience. Egbert will steward Emerald’s Customer Relationship Management team to deliver high performance in customer communication and service experience.  

“Meeting our customers highest expectations is consistently providing excellent communication, world-class linen service, and high-quality products. Egbert’s keen awareness of our healthcare customer needs will elevate Emerald’s service experience and drive solution-oriented results to our customers across our best-in-class healthcare linen processing facilities.” said Andy Kratky, Chief Executive Officer.

Egbert has served over 18 years in commercial healthcare laundry, previously in the role of Business Development Manager at Emerald Textiles and instrumental in winning $30 million in new healthcare business. Prior to Emerald, Egbert held the role of Director of Business Development and Director of Customer Relations at Medico Healthcare Linen Service. Prior to Medico, Egbert held the role of Regional Account Manager at Mission Linen Supply, Inc. Prior to Mission, Egbert was a Customer Relationship Manager at Angelica Textiles Services.

Egbert earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from University of Phoenix and proudly served eight years in the United States Marine Corps. 

“Emerald Textiles has built a strong legacy as the leader of acute healthcare linen service through the unwavering focus on customers. Our service experience remains the highest priority, and that begins with ensuring exceptional communication and focus on delivering customer solutions,” said Egbert Dugall, Vice President of Customer Experience.

About Emerald Textiles™

Emerald Textiles is the largest acute healthcare linen and laundry service provider with commercial facilities spanning across the Western United States. Emerald Textiles was originally founded in 2010 in San Diego, and later in combination with Emerald Textiles and Encore Textile Services in July 2018. Today, Emerald services over 560 million pounds of linen annually across Southern California, Central California, Northern California, Nevada, St. George, Utah and Phoenix, Arizona.

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